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Matt founded Backpack In China in 2010 to help travelers make the best of their trips to China. Since that time he has been living and working in Florida, USA. Each summer he for vacations in China for several weeks.

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Getting Around China Using Public Transportation

Public Transportation In China

If you want to learn a thing or two about Chinese culture, spend a month crossing the country in a public bus. Expect days of bouncing along dirt roads, breathing cigarette smoke plumes as they puff around the bus. The trade-off is.
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The 5 Most Useful Smartphone Apps For Traveling In China
  The ability to use smartphone apps has made solo travel in China more convenient. You can find an app for almost anything, and thankfully apps have been created to make the most difficult parts of your travels easier. Through experience, we compiled a list of apps,.
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What Does It Cost Per Day to Travel In China?
If you know how to save money in China, you can travel for cheap. I mean....really cheap. So what will it cost to travel in China? We have identified six categories (Airfare, accommodation, food, public transportation, attractions, and domestic train / plane tickets) and will suggest.
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A Journey Into China’s Nightlife Scene

“And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?” – The Talking Heads

There I was. Gazing in disbelief. Was it the pulse of the bass beating through my chest? Was it the kaleidoscope of gold chandeliers and laser lights sending beams of light.
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China’s Most Common Travel Scams

No matter who you are, and where you travel; travel long enough and you will encounter traveler scams. Traveler scams have unfortunately turned into a big business, as it’s an easy way for scammers to make a large amount of money praying on.

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Tour Asia – Top Reasons To Visit China
“Let China sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world.” -Napoleon
Of all the destinations in the world, China has recently become a rising superstar. Why has it become the number one destination for those wishing to tour Asia? The answer is simple. China.
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Getting Sick In China – Buying Medicine
  Its happens to all of us. You wake up with a congested nose or soar throat and now your on a mission. Finding medicines your familiar with to can be difficult if you dont know where to look. Relax, this post will help you navigate.
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Lanzhou – Defying our Lowest Expectations


The expanding metropolis capital of Gansu province. I had some expectations before I arrived. I expected that Lanzhou was one of the most polluted cities in China. I also expected that we could find cheap accommodations for one night; After all Lanzhou is a major.
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