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Matt founded Backpack In China in 2010 to help travelers make the best of their trips to China. Since that time he has been living and working in Florida, USA. Each summer he for vacations in China for several weeks.

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The Chinese World Map


"What is this?!"

  This was my reaction when my Chinese roommate Katherine placed a copy of a world map on the wall of our apartment. She replied simply, "ummmm a map?". She was right. It was.
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The World’s Lankiest Superman

  “Fresh off the boat” is how I would have described myself during the summer of 2010. I had only been living in China for several weeks and Chengdu’s wild nightlife scene.
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The Silk Road Less Traveled
  [caption id="attachment_97" align="aligncenter" width="531" caption="7 Week Travel Plan for Summer 2012"][/caption]   In less than two weeks I will embark on the greatest adventure that I have yet to undertake. 7 weeks of travel across the whole country.
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