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Edge of the TAR – North Sichuan / South Gansu

Into the Tibetan Autonomous Region - Langmusi

  Departing from Jiuzhaigou took us North by bus about 5 hours to the little mountain town of Langmusi. The area of Western Sichuan, Northwestern Sichuan, and Southern Gansu, is considered part of the TAR (Tibetan Autonomous Region) and offers.
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The Chengdu Time Warp


Its not hard to see why locals refer to Chengdu as "the land of milk and honey". Whether it be spending hours at the tea house playing mahjong, visiting the lazy pandas, gawking at elders singing and dancing their hearts out in a public park, or sizing up the worlds largest.
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Late Nights And Wild Jams at Chengdu’s Jia Bar

Chengdu's Music Scene

  A local musician's head tweaks sideways giving a painful facial expression as he completes a solo riff on the guitar. A drummer bobs his head in rhythm as he lays down a poisonous beat intoxicating bystanders into a musical groove. Locals drinking tsingdao.
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The Ancient City of Pingyao
[caption id="attachment_267" align="alignnone" width="470" caption="Ancient City of Pingyao"][/caption] On Monday evening we departed Beijing via overnight train for Pingyao; the largest and best preserved old town in all of China. Pingyao is located in Shanxi province just.
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Second Impressions Of Beijing
[caption id="attachment_234" align="alignnone" width="481"] Me, Isaac,and Lacey eating ma la xiang guo[/caption]   Beijing.....what a unique city. For better or worse, travelers agree you won't find another city in the world to compare. Summers are hot. Winters are.
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The Chinese World Map


"What is this?!"

  This was my reaction when my Chinese roommate Katherine placed a copy of a world map on the wall of our apartment. She replied simply, "ummmm a map?". She was right. It was.
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